Launch Opolis Mail Client


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    • Click Download button to save and subsequently execute the Opolis Mail Client
    • We would recommend that you save the Opolis Mail Client ideally in a location on your PC (such as in a folder or on the desktop) which you will remember easily
      • PLEASE NOTE: It is quite common that your virus protection programme or firewall will issue a warning when downloading and executing the Opolis Mail Client the first time. This is due to the fact that Opolis is not yet a widely distributed service and - hence - not recognised as "safe" by many of the virus protection software programmes and firewalls. In any case, you should proceed in downloading / installing the Opolis Mail Client and confirm that you wish to go ahead
    • Once the download is complete, launch the Opolis Mail Client by double-clicking on its icon
    • When clicking on the icon of the Opolis Mail Client, you will most likely receive a message whether you really want to run the Opolis Mail Client, which you should confirm
    • Now, the Opolis Mail Client will be initialised and subsequently opens automatically. This may take a few moments
      • PLEASE NOTE: As of this moment, all further data and information in the course of the Setup Procedure will already be submitted via the Opolis Mail Client platform in an entirely secure environment
    • The Opolis Log In window opens requesting - at this stage and only once - the one-time Setup Log In Name and the one-time Setup Password. Both of them you will need only once and then never again