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    • Now, you will be asked to choose and confirm your personal Opolis Password. Together with your personal Opolis Log In Name, your personal Opolis Password will be required every time when accessing your Opolis E-Mail Account and your Opolis E-Mails going forward
      • IMPORTANT: Choose a personal Opolis Password which is safe and you can also easily remember!
      • PLEASE NOTE: Your personal Opolis Password WILL NEVER be transmitted during your usage of Opolis, neither to Opolis as a service provider nor to somebody else. As a matter of fact, your personal Opolis Password stays entirely and only between you and the Opolis Mail Client you are using
      • IMPORTANT: Therefore, Opolis Support and Help Desk will NOT be able to track down, recover or even reset your personal Opolis Password. Should you forget or lose your personal Opolis Password, you will not be able to access your Opolis E-Mail Account any more
    • After continuing, followoing processes will happen automatically: (i) your Personal Certificate will be generated; (ii) your personal Public and Private Keys will be generated; (iii) your personal Private Key will be sent to the Opolis Mail Client; (iv) the Opolis Mail Client will encrypt the Private Key with your Password; (v) the Certification Authority sends your Public Key to Opolis and confirms the deletion of your personal Private Key; (vi) your Opolis Account will be created; and (vii) the Opolis Mail System confirms to your Opolis Mail Client that everything went well. All this will take just a few seconds

    • The Opolis Setup Procedure and all the preparations for starting Opolis the first time have been successfully completed
    • The Opolis Log In window opens automatically again und you can now access your personal Opolis E-Mail Account for the first time with your personal Opolis Log In Name and your personal Opolis Password
    • Congratulations and welcome to Opolis!