How do I access my Opolis E-Mails?: 5


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    • You may have forgotten where you have stored your Opolis Mail Client or travel remotely without having your laptop with you and want to access Opolis: No problem! - All you need to do is opening the Opolis website and clicking the button Log In from where you can download the Opolis Mail Client where-ever you are. - Also, in case your Opolis Mail Client appears to be corrupted, you can always download it from the Opolis website. In such case we recommend that you fully erase the Opolis Mail Client on your device and only then start with the download procedure.
      • PLEASE NOTE: You can also start and run the Opolis Mail Client in the "Run" mode without saving it on the PC you are working with. Running the Opolis Mail Client in such modus may cause a slow-down in running speed, but will not impair any Opolis function.