How do I track my Opolis E-Mails?


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    • Opolis allows you to live monitor all your sent Opolis E-Mails and see what the Recipient has actually done with the message: When he safely received it; when he must have seen that a message has arrived; when he opened the message; how often he opened the message; how often the message was printed; whether the message was forwarded; when and to whom it was forwarded; what the new addressee to whom the message has been forwarded has done with it ... and so on.
    • To monitor an Opolis E-Mail you choose in the Opolis Post Office under Message Type the category Sent and press the Get Messages button to refresh the Opolis Post Office. Your sent Opolis E-Mails will be displayed. The you click with your cursor on the Opolis E-Mail you want to monitor and click on the Message Status button. The Message Status window will open and there you will see all the relevant transmission and processing information in regards to your Opolis E-Mail sent.