How do I look for other Opolis Users and fill my Public Address Book with contacts?


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    • When you have newly set up your Opolis E-Mail Account, then your Public Address Book will be empty ...
    • ... But, of course, you now want to use Opolis and quickly get in touch with and find other Opolis Users.
    • You open the Public Address Book by moving your cursor to the tools bar and clicking on Tools and then Public Address Book, upon which this will open automatically. There you find on the upper right corner a search bar where you can type in any name or part of a name upon which a list of suggestions of Opolis Users - and hopefully also the one(s) you are looking for - should be displayed. Clicking on any of these names will automatically open a New Message window with the respective name proposed as a recipient and you can immediately and conveniently send an Opolis E-Mail to this person. - By the way, the Public Address Book can also always be opened by clicking on the Address Book button when opening a New Message window.