How do I organise and manage my Opolis E-Mails?


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    • You can organise and manage your Opolis E-Mails in many different ways:
    • To start with, you can quickly filter your Opolis E-Mails according to Counterpart (Opolis Users with whom you communicate), Message Type (e.g. Inbound, Sent, Unread) and Topic (as far as you have already set up - so called - Topics which you can choose freely along certain themes or tpics important to you, such as project names).
    • Subsequently, the filtered Opolis E-Mails can quickly be sorted alpha-numerically according to Subject, Counterpart and Date Sent, just by clicking on the respective header.
    • Then, you can allocate a Topic to each and every Opolis E-Mail, which is particularly useful when working on specific projects.
    • And finally, Opolis also allows you to define - so called - Smart Mailboxes which act like virtual mailboxes in that Opolis E-Mails are always readily filtered in them along certain categories which you can freely define, such as: Counterpart, Message Type, Period or Topic. Smart Mailboxes are particular useful when Opolis E-Mails shall be quickly at hand which are linked to - for example a specific project and a specific individual - whereby an Opolis E-Mail can also be included in several Smart Mailboxes.
    • In essence, you dont have to "archive" Opolis E-Mails as messages and their attachments are immedietaly and safely stored the moment you press the button Send and at the same instance readily available for the Recipient as well. Threfore, your Opolis E-Mails and attachments are always availble for you where-ever you are.