How do I pull back (retrieve) accidentially sent Opolis E-Mails?


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    • It may happen that you - for example, accidentially - send an Opolis E-Mail to a Recipient and then want to pull back (i.e. retrieve) that message. You can do that, as long as the Recipient has not yet opened that respective Opolis E-Mail. To retrieve an Opolis E-Mail you choose in the Opolis Post Office under Message Type the category Sent and press the Get Messages button to refresh the Opolis Post Office. Your sent Opolis E-Mails will be displayed. The you click with your cursor on the Opolis E-Mail you want to pull back and click on the Retrieve button.
      • PLEASE NOTE: The Retrieve function - and hence the Retrieve button - will not work in case that the Recipient has already opened that specific Opolis E-Mail.