Opolis News & Updates: 48


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    10.05.02: OSM-Client [not published yet]

    new Feature: Mac/Win:
    • Instant legacy Mail Notification: Menu:Options/Preferences:Features: "instant legacy mail notification": after selecting this option you will receive a one-time "near real time" notification mail of any new Opolis Message (to your legacy E-Mail Account).

    10.04.30: OSM Update service

    Bug fix Mac/Win:
    • The procedure to check for new releases of the Opolis Client Application detects and handles different time zones correctly

    10.04.30: OSM-Client []

    Bug fix Mac/Win:
    • PostOffice Window: Subject List: stepping through messages with the Cursor up/down Keys is only active if no other Client/Server-Communication takes places (before: the selected Subject and the actual shown Message could get "out of sync" when the Internet speed is too slow or typing happened too fast)

    10.04.26: OSM-Client

    GUI change: Mac/Win - new Feature Mac/Win:
    • Russian translation enabled: To access the Russian translation please select Options (Preferences) in the Menu Bar, click on "Features" and select the desired language. Please note that changes will take effect only after a restart of the Application.

    10.04.24: OSM-Client []

    Bug fix Mac/Win:
    • Stack information included after unhandled exception Error (which makes it much more easier for us to detect some specific errors, after users sent their Log files)
    10.04.21: OSM-Client []
    GUI change: Mac/Win:
    • Edit Account Information Window: when leaving the "more Information" Tab, the "Picture Tab" only opens automatically if no Picture was inserted before (and not every time)
    Bug fix: Win:
    • User Statistics Window: while closing the User Statistics Window a new server request was triggered, which was not handled correctly (as the Window was not open anymore)
    Bug fix: Mac/Win:
    • After the first Log in following the creation of a new Opolis Account some Users noticed a crash during, or immediately after, the automatically opening of the "Edit Account Information Window".

    10.04.15: OSM-Client []

    new Feature: Mac/Win:
    • Log Window: before saving a log file, the Log Status will switch to "Debug"

    GUI change: Mac/Win:
    • Message Window: Recipient Picture: light grey border/background color on scaled picture (instead of black)
    Bug fix: Win:
    • Log Window: when saving a log file, the file selector shows the correct file extension
    • Message Text Editor: Key sequence: CTRL+Return is blocked

    10.04.12: OSM-Client []

    GUI change: Mac/Win:
    • Edit Account Info Window: Import Picture: light grey border/background color on scaled pictures (instead of black)
    • Account Info Window: Show Picture: light grey border/background color on scaled pictures (instead of black)
    Bug fix: Win:
    • Message Text Editor: Key sequence: Shift+Return is blocked

    10.04.01: OSM-Client []

    new Feature: Mac/Win:
    • "Find" searches not only in Subject and Message Text, but also in File Name of Attachment
    Bug fix: Mac/Win:
    • after a non successfully "Find" the currently shown Message Text is removed in the PostOffice Window
    10.03.27: OSM-Client []

    Bug fix - Win:
    • Message Text Editor: no more "beep" after key sequence: CTRL+Arrow left and CTRL+Arrow right