How does the Opolis security mechanism and architecture work?


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    • All Opolis E-Mails, their attachments and related data are transmitted and stored on the Opolis server system in an encrypted format which can only be decrypted and read by the sender and the authorised recipient and not by anyone else. Opolis uses asymmetric encryption, also called public-key encryption, and the services of iTrust as a registry of public keys for Opolis Users.
      • Public-key encryption is a cryptographic system that uses two keys: Each user is allocated a public key to encrypt messages sent to this specific user and accessible to every sender of an Opolis E-Mail to this user. The corresponding private key used to decrypt an Opolis E-Mail is only known by the specific user receiving an Opolis E-Mail. Hence, the private key converts an Opolis E-Mail back into a legible format, but only for the authorised recipient of this specific Opolis E-Mail.
      • PLEASE NOTE: The Public-Private Key technology used by Opolis has never been hacked in history before.

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