What is Opolis?


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    • Opolis is a high-security E-Mail service.
    • Combining latest E-Mail security technologies, Opolis transmits, processes and stores all your confidential messages in encrypted mode.
    • Accessible from all over the world, Opolis operates on your PC in parallel to standard E-Mail services.
    • The Power to the Sender concept of Opolis ensures that the sender of an E-Mail has ultimate authority and control over the flow of messages and its attachments.
      • "I Protect": Opolis E-Mails are immediatly encrypted when sent and can only be decrypted and read by the authorised recipient, and nobody else.
      • "I Decide": The sender of an Opolis E-Mail decides whether the recipient may copy, print, respond to or forward a message to another Opolis User or not.
      • "I Control": The sender of an Opolis E-Mail can actively and live monitor the status of each message sent.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Opolis works only among Opolis Users which ensures that any Opolis E-Mails and attached documents are absolutely sure, safe and protected.

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