What makes Opolis different from standard E-Mail applications?


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    • Opolis will not replace your standard E-Mail application, such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, but provide a parallell and separate service for all your confidential E-Mails and attachments.
    • Opolis E-Mails are transmitted, processed and managed by the Opolis Mail Client. This Opolis Mail Client ensures that Opolis E-Mails are immediatly encrypted when sent and can only be decrypted and read by the authorised recipient, and nobody else.
    • Whilst with traditional E-Mail applications a sender has lost all control over a message the moment it is sent, with Opolis the sender is empowered to protect, control and monitor all sent messages:
      • For example, the sender of an Oplis E-Mail decides what the recipient is allowed to do with it, such as whether the recipient can copy, forward or print it.
      • Also, a sent Opolis E-Mail can never be amended or manipulated.
    • Opolis also combines many other useful features which standard E-Mail applications do not or do only have rarely:
      • For example, Opolis E-Mails cannot get lost, but instead will immediately be saved and archived when sent and the sender live alerted when the message has safely arrived at its destination.
      • Or, Opolis allows unlimited file size transfer of attachments.

    • In the file below you find a brief overview about key features of Opolis vis-a-vis standard E-Mail applications

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