Can I use Opolis to safely store and archive my documents?


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    • Absolutely. With Opolis all your Opolis E-Mails and attachments are always securely and safely stored in encrypted mode. Any attachment to an Opolis E-Mail is immediately stored on the Opolis mail server system when sent. With Opolis documents are archived in encrypted mode, therefore only the sender and the authorised recipient are allowed to decrypt and read them and nobody else. Documents archived in Opolis can quickly be searched for via various serach and filter mechanisms.
    • Hence, you can use Opolis as a back-up device and all your documents saved on Opolis will be available via the Opolis Mail Client by submitting your personal Opolis Log In Name and your persnal Opolis Password from all over the world.
      • PLEASE NOTE: Opolis also offers the Opolis SelfStorage function, whereby you just drop files or documents in the Opolis SelfStorage window upon which they will be automatically encoded and archived completely secure.

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