Who Should Use Opolis?


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    • A typical user of Opolis is very concerned about E-Mail security, in particular that messages can only be read by the sender and the authorised recipient, and nobody else. - Below you will find some examples of areas which will rely on Opolis to protect confidential information, such as in the areas of publicly listed companies / finance, journalism or health care.
    • Opolis provides "Power to the Sender". Whilst with traditional E-Mail applications a sender has lost all control over a message the moment it is sent, with Opolis the sender is empowered to protect, control and monitor all sent messages. As Opolis treats all messages as confidential, the sender decides what the recipient is allowed to do with it, such as whether the recipient can copy, forward or print it. A sent message can never be amended or manipulated. And, the sender can constantly monitor the status of a message and - if permitted - how the recipient has further processed the message.

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