Will Opolis impact E-Mails sent from or received by my submitted personal E-Mail Address?


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    • No, nothing will change in that context:
      • The entire mechanics in regards to your personal E-Mail account will be unchanged. There will be no what-so-ever link between your Opolis E-Mail Account and your personal E-Mail Address. You will send from and receive by your personal E-Mail Address messages as you always did
        • PLEASE NOTE: Therefore, also no messages from or to your private E-Mail address will be diverted to or sent from Opolis
      • Opolis will not replace your standard E-Mail application, such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, but provide a parallell and separate service for all your confidential E-Mails and attachments.
      • Therefore, to send confidential messages absolutely secure you will log into and use Opolis. Opolis E-Mails do not leave the Opolis mail server system and are therefore - unlike ordinary messages - entirely protected and can only be read by the Sender and the authorised Recipient and nobody else

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