What makes Opolis different from other "secure E-Mail service providers"?


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    • Opolis foremost combines already existing internet security technologies to a service. In designing and developing Opolis it was considered key to make Opolis as user-friendly and convenient as possible. The Opolis Mail Client, the software through which you access Opolis and your Opolis E-Mails is the principle tool and hub from where all relevant actions in regards to Opolis are steered from and monitored.
      1. For providing absolute security to Opolis E-Mails it is essential that messages, their attachments and information related to messages do never leave the Opolis mail server system. Competing products do frequently only protect only parts of the transmission chain and path of a message to the recipent, whilst Opolis protects the entire path point-to-point between sender and recipient.
      2. Opolis Users access, read, send, organise and monitor Opolis E-Mails only via the Opolis Mail Client and no other tool is required. Competing products do frequently also require the use of other tools or devices, such as the transfer of access codes via - unsecure - mobile phones to access messages.

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