Does Opolis operate off-line?


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    • No, Opolis does not operate off-line. All Opolis E-Mails and attached information are stored and archived in encrypted mode - and, hence, absolutely secure - on the Opolis E-Mail server system.
    • The Opolis Mail Client in combination with your personal Opolis Log In Name and your personal Opolis Password is the only device with which you can access your messages and which ensures that nobody else can do so. Only this mechanics and architecture guarantees absolute security which could not be ensured if any data were stored on your local PC. Also, do keep in mind, that this mechanics allows you to access your Opolis E-Mails where-ever you are via your personal or any other host PC.
    • The Opolis server system operates around the clock in secure server-housing locations. In the initial stages two server systems will be installed on two different continents with 100% redundancy. As of 2010 a third server system is expected to be added with additional systems installed as required.

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