How do I access Opolis?


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    • You access Opolis via the Opolis Mail Client, a small software package, and then typing your personal Opolis Log In Name and your personal Opolis Password. - That´s it. You can access Opolis from your personal PC or also from any other host PC in the world. In any case, Opolis-related transactions will never leave any trace behind. You can run also Opolis simply on a "Run" modus without having to save it on your host PC which may be convenient when you are in remote places or have your PC you are usually working on not readily available.
      • PLEASE NOTE: Should you ever have forgotten your personal Opolis Password, then you will not be able to access Opolis and your Opolis E-Mails any more. The service provider of Opolis will have no opportunity to either re-set or assist you in accessing your Opolis E-Mails any more.

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