Example: Transmission of Large File Attachment to a Working Group


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    Setting up an Opolis Working Group to send secure mails and large file attachments immediately ...
    ... even to individuals who are NOT yet Opolis Users!
    • Imagine you are preparing a highly confidential client presentation and want to send the latest version with a file size of 95MB to all the team members to review as a preparation for a rehearsal. - With a standard email application you will not be able to send a 95MB attachment (already with more than 12MB you may face serious difficulties), leave alone that such a transfer would not be secure

    • With the new Opolis Workgroup function, an Opolis User can send entirely safe and secure encrypted emails and attachments of up to 125MB per message to any individuals who are not yet Opolis users. This function was implemented because of numerous requests by professional groups, such as lawyers, architects or graphic designers

    • Setting up an Opolis Working Group: A logged in Opolis User can swiftly set up an Opolis Workgroup via the Opolis Website (link: Creating an Opolis Workgroup). Opolis Workgroup Accounts for the members of the Opolis Workgroup are each defined with an Opolis Log In Name and an Opolis Password; these details will then just be communicated to the respective members who then can safely access their new Opolis Account

    • Sending and accessing secure emails and encrypted attachments: The originator of the Opolis Workgroup can immediately send Opolis E-Mails and attachments with up to 125MB per message to the new members of the Opolis Workgroup.

      Once a member of the Opolis Workgroup has been submitted the personal Opolis Log In data, then this individual can download the message and attachment via the Opolis Mail Client like any other Opolis User

    • Easy conversion of members of the Opolis Workgroup to full Opolis Users: A member of an Opolis Workgroup can access Opolis Emails and respond to them, but not benefit from any other Opolis fetaures, such as sending Opolis E-Mails. However, a member of an Opolis Workgroup can quickly convert into an Opolis User simply by authentication of the personal Email address

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