Why do I have to submit a personal E-Mail Address when setting up an Opolis E-Mail Account?


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    • You submit a personal valid E-Mail Address to Opolis for the following reasons:
      1. In the course of the Setup Process you will receive a Setup Log In Name (the Mail Code) sent to your E-Mail Address for security reasons. You will use this Mail Code only use once in the course of the Setup Process.
      2. Your E-Mail Address is the only requested identification vis-a-vis other Opolis Users to ensure that "you actually exist". Later, you will also be asked to submit your First and Last Name in the final stages of finalising the setup of your Opolis E-Mail Account
      3. We intentionally request a personal valid E-Mail Address from a non-free service provider, because our assumption goes along the way that communication via such an address should be safer
      4. You can choose to be immediately alerted via your private E-Mail Address that an Opolis E-Mail has arrived. This is useful, as Opolis in the current version does not support mobile devices

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