Responding to Messages


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    • Selecting an incoming Opolis E-Mail from the Main Postbox or a Smart Mailbox allows you to swiftly respond by clicking the Reply button. This will open the Reply Message window and automatically fill in the Sender of the previous Opolis E-Mail as the Addressee for the response
    • In case you want to respond not only to the Sender but also to all the other Recipients of the Opolis E-Mail (those who are "Cc"-ed and "Bcc"-ed), then right-click on the Reply button and choose Reply To All Message
      • PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the authenticity of any message (and to protect the Senders rights) in a Reply Message you are not allowed to modify any content from any previous written text in the Opolis E-Mail you have received. To comment on (all or any part of) the previous text just press the "Enter" key on the keyboard anywhere within the message to insert your remarks. Of course you can freely edit your own newly written text