Getting Started


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    • Opolis E-Mails are listed in the Opolis Post Office. The Opolis Post Office window will open automatically when logging into Opolis and the summary list of Opolis E-Mails which you have so far received and sent (Message Type: All) will be displayed
    • To refresh the summary list of Opolis E-Mails, click the Get Messages button in the top left corner of the Opolis Post Office window
    • To view a selected message more conveniently, just double-click on it and the Message View window with the respective message will be displayed
    • When opening Opolis and the Opolis Post Office the first time, you will probably only have one message in the summary list of Opolis E-Mails, namely a Welcome Mail from the Opolis Help Desk with the Opolis Terms & Conditions attached to it
    • In the standard setup, the Message Type is set on All, which means that the Opolis Post Office will display all Opolis E-Mails which you have received and sent. You can – as will be explained in detail in the section Managing Messages switch to – for example – messages received (Message Type: Inbound) or sent (Message Type: Sent) or other options
    • To set the language you want to use click on the tool bar Tools, then Options and select Features. There you can choose the System Language as preferred by you