Sending Messages with Protected Text and / or Photo Attachments


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    With Opolis you can also protect your file attachments in .txt format (text documents) and .jpg format (photos) so that these cannot be copied, printed or forwarded to other Opolis Users, if you decide so
    • Files which shall be attached to an Opolis E-Mail can be selected and subsequently uploaded via the Attachments button on the top left. However, you can also just drag the icon of the selected file into the New Message Window and it will be attached to the Opolis E-Mail automatically
    • In regards to .txt and .jpg format attachments you can protect them from being copied, printed or forwarded by clicking the right mouse button on the attachment icon on the bottom of the New Message window and select Protect Attachment
    • This Protect Attachment function will also automatically remove the tags on the Copy, Print and Forward box for the entire Opolis E-Mail, as it may be assumed that the Opolis E-Mail as a whole should receive the same protection as the attachments
    • The Opolis User on the receiving end will now be able to see the respective attached documents but will not be able to copy, print or forward them to another Opolis User. Also, the attachments will only be visible for the receiving Opolis User, as long as he has the mouse within the attachment document; if the mouse is moved outside, the attachment will not be visible anymore
    • PLEASE NOTE: Protected attachments are exclusively stored on the Opolis server so that the recipient of the Opolis E-Mail is not in a position to ever download and potentially manipulte the respective document(s)