Linking Messages with Self-Defined Topics


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    Opolis allows you to sort, select and manage all your Opolis E-Mails according to a range of criteria. On the one hand you can quickly sort the currently displayed summary list of Opolis E-Mails alphanumerically along the elements: Subject; Counterpart; and Date. But you can also quickly refresh the summary list of Opolis E-Mails along the criteria: Message Type; Counterpart; or Topic, and pressing the Refresh button afterwards.

    In regards to the feature Self-Defined Topics, Opolis allows you to freely define and attach a theme or topic to any Opolis E-Mail in order to further categorise it, such as along – for example – project names. Lets say, you are building a house and you wish all Opolis E-Mails you have sent and received related to this project to be linked with the Topic "House". So you will create a Topic "House":

    Creating and attaching Topics to messages

      • Select the Opolis E-Mail you want to attach a Topic to from the summary list of Opolis E-Mails and click on it with the right mouse button. Select Topics, upon which the Topics Window opens automatically
        • PLEASE NOTE: If Topics (such as "House") have already been defined before then you can immediately select the chosen Topic via mouse-click
      • In the Topics window you are free to define – for example - the Topic "House" which you want to attach to selected Opolis E-Mails. For this purpose, press the Add button and then type the respective name of the Topic. You can also attach a color to a chosen topic, which may be useful to visually distinguish messages quickly
      • Whenever you open an incoming Opolis E-Mail for the first time, the Topics window will already open automatically and you can easily select any of your already pre-defined Topics and attach it to the Opolis E-Mail or define a new one. - If you do not want to apply any Topic to a received Opolis E-Mail you have opened, then simply click anywhere else and the Topics window will close
      • When you intend to attach a Topic to a new message, then you can attach a Topic before sending this message by clicking on the New Message window with your right mouse button
        • PLEASE NOTE: A response to an Opolis E-Mail with a Topic attached will automatically also have the same Topic attached. However, this will only be the case, if the Topic was attached to the sent message prior to the Recipient opening it. Otherwise such response can have a Topic attached manually
      • If you decide to attach a Topic at a later point in time, then right-click on the Subject of the selected message in the summary list of Opolis E-Mails or alternatively directly into the main message area (i.e. text) to attach a Topic
      • You can also always remove a Topic from a message, also simply by right-click on the Subject of the selected message in the summary list of Opolis E-Mails or alternatively directly into the main message area (i.e. text) and remove the ticker indicating the respective Topic
      • If you intend to attach or remove a Topic to or from more than one message at the same time, press Ctrl-Click (for individual selection) or Shift-Click (for group selection) on the Subject header of each message in the summary list of Opolis E-Mails in the Message Browser and then right-click, after you made your selection. Then you choose and link these selected messages to the desired Topic - or alternatively remove the Topic from - these multiple messages

    Managing Topics and the Topics window

      • Within the Topic window you can amend and manage the Topics any time. Any changes made will always only become effective after pressing the Save button. The respective amendments will be visible in the summary list of Opolis E-Mails after pressing the Get Messages button
      • Within the Topics window you can edit or even define a color for each Topic. If a color is chosen, then Opolis E-Mails with such Topic attached will be highlighted with the chosen color in the summary list of Opolis E-Mails
      • You can individually select the position of a Topic within the Topics window by a left mouse-click on the selected Topic and moving it up or down in the appropriate position; this Topic position will also be used when you right-click to select a Topic for a message. If you click on the header Topic then all Topics will be sorted alphabetically within the Topics Window
      • Topics cannot be deleted, but made invisible. This shall avoid the possibilty to ultimately - and possibly accidentally - delete a vast amount of messages linked to a certain Topic. A Topic which has been made invisible will still remain attached to the respective messages, but it will not show up in any Topic-related function - until such Topic is set back to visible