Tracking Messages – I Control


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    The Sender of an Opolis E-Mail not only decides what the Recipient is allowed to do with it, such as whether the Recipient can copy, forward or print it. With the Opolis "I Control" features the Sender can constantly monitor the status of an Opolis E-Mail and - if permitted - how the Recipient has further processed the message

    • The Opolis "I Control" features allow live tracking and monitoring the status of a sent Opolis E-Mails, such as:
      • Has your Opolis E-Mail safely arrived in the mailbox of the Recipient?
      • Must the Recipient have seen that your Opolis E-Mail has arrived?
      • Has the Recipient already opened (and - hence - read) your Opolis E-Mail?
      • If given permission: Has the Recipient printed your Opolis E-Mail and - how often?
      • If given permission: Has the Recipient forwarded your Opolis E-Mail to a third party and – to whom and when? How has the Opolis User to whom the message was forwarded to further processed the message, if allowed to do so?
      • Beside, attachments to Opolis E-Mails can be tracked and monitored separately in the same manner as Opolis E-Mail

    • Tracking and Monitoring the status of sent Opolis E-Mails is simple:
      • In your Opolis Post Office you select in Message Type the category Sent and refresh the list of Opolis E-Mails by pressing the Get Messages button. You will now receive a list of all Opolis E-Mails which you have sent
      • Click on a specific Opolis E-Mail in the summary list which you would like to monitor closer
      • Then click the Message Status button on the top right corner of the window upon which the Message Status Window opens which includes all relevant information in regards to monitoring your sent Opolis E-Mail:
        • Notification Sent: As of when has the Opolis E-Mail been accessible for the Recipient (hence, when has the Opolis E-Mail arrived safely in the Recipient´s Opolis Post Office)
        • Subject Received: When has the Recipient´s Opolis Post Office been loaded (so that the specific Opolis E-Mail could have been seen and downloaded by the Recipient)
        • Message Received: When has the Recipient actually opened the Opolis E-Mail
        • Message Received Counter: How often did the Recipient open the Opolis E-Mail
        • Current Status: Whether the Opolis E-Mail is still in the "Inbox" or has been "Saved" by the Recipient or moved to "Trash"
        • Duration of Time Validity: If applicable date and time of "valid from" and "valid to"
        • Message Printed: Date and time of the first print out by the Recipient
        • Message Printed Counter: How often was the Opolis E-Mail printed by the Recipient
        • If the names of one or several Opolis Users in addition to the Recipient are displayed then the Opolis E-Mail was fowarded by the Recipient. In such a case all the information items mentioned above can be displayed and monitored for each Opolis User to whom the Opolis E-Mail was forwarded to

    • Also, tracking and monitoring the status of attachments to sent Opolis E-Mails is simple
      • Select an attachment in a sent Opolis E-Mail by clicking on the text - not the icon (!) - of the attachment
        • PLEASE NOTE: If you clicked on the icon of the attachment directly, then the procedure to upload that respective attachment is intiated
      • Then click on the Message Status button in the top right corner upon which the Message Status Window opens including all relevant information in regards to monitoring the attachment of your Opolis E-Mail:
        • Details about the origination of the document: By whom, via which Opolis E-Mail Account; when created and when first published
        • Information details about all the Recipients (and Opolis Users to whom the attachment was forwarded to) in regards to the attachment: When it was made available; when it was downloaded and / or printed and how often