Filing Documents - Opolis SelfStorage


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    Opolis allows you to file any of your documents in encrypted mode by just dropping them into the Opolis SelfStorage window. With this feature your documents are entirely safe and can only be read by you, and nobody else
    • Click on the toolbar Tools and then Open the SelfStorage window. Upon this the SelfStorage window opens automatically and is permanently visible on your desktop. You can close the SelfStorage window again by clicking on toolbar Tools and then Close the SelfStorage window
    • To save any of your documents in encrypted mode on the Opolis system, you just move any of your files you want to store that way into the Opolis SelfStorage window and drop it off there. Alas, you open - for example - the Windows Explorer where you can see all your documents. Just click on the one document you want to shift to Opolis with your mouse and move it with the mouse (while holding on to it) into the Opolis SelfStorage window. There you just release the mouse and the respective file will be encrypted and is now safely stored on the Opolis platform and can only be read by you
      • PLEASE NOTE: In the course of this transaction the respective chosen file or document will be copied to Opolis (only), which means that a version of the file will still be on your PC. Just be aware that the version on your PC is - of course - not encrypted and will be untouched by this transaction. Only the version of the document on the Opolis platform will be encyrpted and entirely safe
    • With dropping the file into the Opolis SelfStorage Opolis will create a Sent message to you which will have the respective, chosen document attached to it. There you can read the document or further process it (e.g. forward it) as required
    • As a matter of fact, the Opolis SelfStorage icon remains open on your Desktop, even if the Opolis Mail Client locks - when not used for a certan period of time. This means that the Opolis SelfStorage function is also available in case that Opolis went dormant