Writing and Sending Messages - ... Encrypted and to Anyone


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    In principle, Opolis with all its features can only be used by Opolis Users. You can, however, also send Opolis Emails - including large size attachments - to individuals who do not yet have an Opolis E-Mail Account by setting up an Opolis Workgroup.

    • In setting up an Opolis Workgroup, an Opolis User - the originator - submits the names and private E-Mail Addresses of one or several individual(s) the originator wants to communicate with to Opolis: This is done via the Opolis Website whilst the originator is logged in Opolis (weblink: Create an Opolis Workgroup). Opolis Accounts will be automatically set up for all individuals mentioned in the Opolis Workgroup and the Opolis Account details of these individuals (Opolis Log In Name and Opolis Password) will be sent to the originator. Once the originator communicates the Opolis Account details to each member of the Opolis Workgroup these members can use their Opolis Accounts immediately
      • PLEASE NOTE: As long as the members of the Opolis Workgroup have not authenticated themselves by confirming their personal E-Mail Address, they will only be able to receive and respond to Opolis E-Mails, but not be able to use any other Opolis features.