Creating an Opolis Workgroup


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    You can also send Opolis Emails - even with large attachments - entirely secure to one or several individuals who are not yet Opolis Users. - For this purpose you can create an Opolis Workgroup:
    • Click on the Help Desk button of the Opolis Website and select 'Tools' and 'Create an Opolis Workgroup'
    • This function allows an Opolis User to set up Opolis Accounts for and send Opolis E-Mails to new users simply by submitting their private E-Mail Addresses and some additional data:
      • First, the originator of an Opolis Workgroup needs to be an Opolis User
      • Second, prior to setting up an Opolis Workgroup the originator must be logged into Opolis
      • Third, the originator must open the Help Desk of the Opolis Website and select Tools and Create an Opolis Workgroup
      • Now, the originator can - via the Opolis Website - create Opolis Accounts for new members of the Opolis Workgroup: The originator simply chooses for each member of the Opolis Workgroup a personal Opolis Log In Name and submits the individualĀ“s personal Email addresses - among some other data - till the list is complete
      • Upon completion an Opolis E-Mail will be sent to its originator with the access data of Opolis Account for each new member of the Opolis Workgroup (i.e. Opolis Log In Name and Opolis Password)
      • The originator can then already send an Opolis Email to each member of the Opolis Workgroup
        • PLEASE NOTE: When sending a new message to a member of the Opolis Workgroup you will find the name of that individual in the Public Address Book by simply searching for it. The name is transfered into the addressee field by clicking on that name
      • Once the access data of the Opolis Account have been (verbally or via E-Mail) communicated by the originator, each member of the Opolis Workgroup can immediately access the respective personal Opolis Account after - of course - having downloaded the Opolis Mail Client
        • PLEASE NOTE: A personal Opolis Password originally submitted by the originator of the Opolis Workgroup should immediately be changed by each new member of the Opolis Workgroup
      • Each member of the Opolis Workgroup can as of now receive Opolis E-Mails and attachments
      • To be able to also send Opolis E-Mails and benefit from all other features of Opolis, a member of an Opolis Workgroup can convert the Opolis Workgroup Account into a full Opolis Account through personal authentication via submission and confirmation of the personal E-Mail address