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    Opolis - "I Protect" ... combining all latest E-Mail security technologies in one single service

    • All Opolis E-Mails are immediately encrypted when sent and can only be decrypted and read by the Sender and the Recipient of the Opolis E-Mail, but not by anyone else
    • All Opolis E-Mails and attached information are stored encypted in the high-security Opolis server system

    Opolis - "I Decide"

    • The Sender decides what the Recipient of an Opolis E-Mail can or is allowed do with it. For example: The Sender of an Opolis E-Mail may decide that the Recipient is not allowed to copy or print the content of the message or to forward the message to a third person

    Opolis - "I Control"

    • The Sender can always monitor the status of an Opolis E-Mail. For example: The Sender can instantly and live monitor whether the Recipient has safely received an Opolis E-Mail; actually opened and read it; forwarded the message to another Opolis User; and if so: to whom; … next to many other useful features and functions

    Opolis - ... Anybody can use it

    • In principle, only Opolis Users benefit fully from all the features of Opolis. As a matter of fact, an Opolis E-Mail must not leave the entirely secure Opolis server architecture to ensure that Opolis E-Mails and their attachments remain absolutely secure and safe. - However, via the Opolis Workgroup function Opolis Emails can also be sent to and read by individuals who are not yet Opolis Users
    As mentioned, using and working with an Opolis E-Mail Account is generally easy and can be learned swiftly. First steps and some useful features are summarised in the following chapters. Should you nevertheless have issues which you think have not been covered on the following pages, then please refer also to the section: Opolis - Frequently Asked Questions and refer there to the subsection dealing with working with Opolis