Finding Messages


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    • Looking for and finding Opolis E-Mails is actually pretty easy and - considering the fact that all information screened has to be decrypted first - also pretty fast. You select at the tool bar Post Office and then Find Messages upon which the Find Messages Window opens
    • Enter - all or part of - the expression(s) you are looking for in the search box
    • Additional search criteria you can define similar as already shown in setting up Smart Mailboxes in that you further specify and / or narrow down selection parameters. Additional feature lines can be added by pressing the "+" (plus) button and logically linked by "and" respectively "or"
    • The result of Opolis E-Mails along the search criteria defined will then be displayed in the Post Office window
      • PLEASE NOTE: A search in Opolis may take somehow longer compared with other mail software, as each single Opolis E-Mail will have to be downloaded to your client, then locally decrypted and decoded prior to applying the search as such. Remember: Also Opolis, as the Service provider, is unable to read your Opolis E-Mails and attachments and therefore unable to index your messages in advance, only your Opolis Mail Client is able to read your Opolis E-Mails. Considering this highly complex task, the speed of the search process is actually amazingly fast