Working with Smart Mailboxes


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    Opolis is unique and very efficient to use, as it also allows you to individually set up "Smart Mailboxes" which – upon mouse click – instantly provide you with a sorted list of Opolis E-Mails according to criteria defined by you. These Smart Mailboxes act like virtual mailboxes, as a certain Opolis E-Mail can be a "member" in several of these Smart Mailboxes
    • As in a previous example, an Opolis User is building a house and will therefore require Opolis E-Mails related to the Topic „House“ very often. (For a more detailed description on Topics please refer to the section: Linking Messages with Self-Defined Topics). Hence, this Opolis User will be able to set up a new Smart Mailbox called "House"
    • Upon moving the cursor over the very left area of the Opolis Post Office called Mailboxes a "+" (plus) sign will appear on the bottom left corner of this area. Click on this "+" sign
    • The Edit Smart Mailbox Window will open automatically which allows you to individually define a new Smart Mailbox according to a range of different parameters, such as: Own Accounts; Counterpart; Message Type; Period; Topic; or maximal messages
      • Each of these criteria can then be linked with an „is“ or „is not“ logical element with mostly automatically pre-defined parameters
      • Our Opolis User coud now define a Smart Mailbox called „House“in that he enters the sequence "Topic"-"is"-"House"
      • Equally well, he could further narrow down Opolis E-Mails in this Smart Mailbox in that he only wanted to see sent messages, or limit these to such Opolis E-Mails he has sent to several individually defined Counterparts (alas: addressees) only
      • If certain necessary criteria for a Smart Mailbox have not been defined (for example: time period, when it may be assumed that the Opolis User intends to include all relevant messages in this Smart Mailbox) then these will be filled automatically
        • PLEASE NOTE: In defining Smart Mailbox criteria, Opolis aims to best correct any logical errors immediatly and automatically
    • After having defined the criteria for a Smart Mailbox click the Save button and the new Smart Mailbox will be listed in the area Mailboxes
    • Any Smart Mailbox will load a summary list of Opolis E-Mails instantly according to the criterion / criteria defined by the User; so clicking the button "Get Messages" is not necessary but already implied
    • A certain Opolis E-Mail can be a "member" in several of these Smart Mailboxes
    • New Messages which follow the selected criteria will automatically show up after selecting a Smart Mailbox
    • To Edit, Delete or Rename a Smart Mailbox just right click on the Smart Mailbox name