Managing Messages


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    This following section provides you with an overview about various way to manage your Opolis E-Mails. Please do also refer to the special sections in this context: Linking Messages with Self-Defined Topics and Defining Smart Mailboxes.

    The Basics

    • Opolis E-Mails are listed in and can be managed from the Opolis Post Office. The Opolis Post Office window will open automatically when logging into Opolis and a summary list of Opolis E-Mails will be displayed. The standard setup of the summary list of Opolis E-Mails in the Opolis Post Office window is Opolis E-Mails received (Message Type: Inbound) and sorted in such way that the latest Opolis E-Mail sent to the respective Opolis User is displayed on top
    • To refresh the summary list of Opolis E-Mails, just click the Get Messages button in the top left corner of the Opolis Post Office window
      • PLEASE NOTE: You can also have the Opolis Post Office refreshing itself automatically and regularly. For this purpose select on the toolbar Tools, then Options and Features. Then select Use timed Message Check and set the approriate time interval in minutes. - You can also change the standard setting for the summary list of Opolis E-Mails by selecting on the toolbar Tools, then Options and Behaviour: In the section Auto-Load Messages on Startup you can also choose any other list of Opolis E-Mails displayed when starting Opolis, such as those messages which you have sent
      • PLEASE NOTE: The time stamp of an Opolis E-Mail always displays the time when a message was sent. If the Sender of an Opolis E-Mail is located in a different time zone than its Recipient, then the time of the time zone of the Sender will be displayed. However, when the Recipient decided to sort incoming (i.e. received) Opolis E-Mails then these messages will be sorted on the basis of the time zone of the Recipient

    Filtering and Displaying Opolis E-Mails

    • You can filter the entire range of your Opolis E-Mails - which is equivalent to setting or pre-selecting your Opolis Post Office - along the following criteria and - once these have been set - press the button Get Messages to refresh the summary list of Opolis E-Mails:
      • Counterpart: Select and only display Opolis E-Mails according to - for example - whom you have received them from or to whom you have sent them
      • Message Type: Select and only display Opolis E-Mails which you have received, sent, read, not read, ….. - or just all of them
      • Topic: You can also select and display Opolis E-Mails only along a certain topic, which will be explained in the Section: Linking Messages with Self-Defined Topics
        • PLEASE NOTE: The standard setup for filtering and displaying Opolis E-Mails is (Counterpart: All; Message Type: Inbound; Topic: All)

    Sorting (filtered and displayed) Opolis E-Mails

    • The summary list of Opolis E-Mails which has been filtered according to criteria as described above can now be quickly sorted alpha-numerically along the elements: Subject; Counterpart; and Date. This is effected by just moving the cursor to the respective header of the selection criterion and clicking on it:
      • Subject: Sort alpha-numerically along subject title of the Opolis E-Mail
      • Counterpart: Sort alpha-numerically along the Counterpart of the Opolis E-Mail
      • Sent: Sort along the point of time the Opolis E-Mail was sent. - Opolis E-Mails sent from a different time zone than the one of the reveiving Opolis User will show the respective time stamp of the point of time sent from the respective location and time zone, but will be sorted on the basis of the time zone of the Recipient

    Allocating Topics to Opolis E-Mails

    • You can allocate a Topic to any incoming or outgoing Opolis E-Mail. Whilst in regards to incoming Opolis E-Mails the Topic window will open automatically, in regards to outgoing Opolis E-Mails such can be allocated a Topic by selecting the respective Opolis E-Mail in the summary list of Opolis E-Mails and then clicking with the right mouse-button on it and selecting the appropriate Topic. For more details to Topic please refer to the section: Linking Messages with Self-Defined Topics

    Defining Smart Mailboxes

    • The Smart Mailbox fetaure allows you to create a virtual mailbox by setting a range of selection criteria which define that respective Smart Mailbox. Any Opolis E-Mail can be a member of several Smart Mailboxes. For more details to Topic please refer to the section: Defining Smart Mailboxes

    Information linked to a Message

    • Opolis E-Mails are immediately archived and safely stored automatically when pressing the button Send and then instantly available for the Recipient. Opolis E-Mails can be moved to trash by pressing the button Move to Trash, where they will be archived in the trash box. Opolis E-Mails will - technicall speaking - not be deleted. Instead, they can always be recovered again from the trash box when access is needed
    • You also find additional information linked to a specific Opolis E-Mail in the message summary line (from left to the right):
      • Message indicator for: Incoming (green arrow down), Outgoing (blue arrow up), Response and Forward
      • Photo or logo of the Recipient for outgoing and the Sender for incoming messages
      • Subject
      • Counterpart
      • Time message sent (as of local time of the Sender)
      • A figure item indicating the number of attachments
      • A question mark indicating that the Sender requests a response
    • Furthermore the message summary line also indicates the current Status of the Opolis E-Mail:
      • Bold font: Received message has not been yet been opened by the Recipient
      • Light font: Sent message has not yet been opened by the Recipient
      • Normal font: (Sent or received) message which has already been opened by the Recipient
    • The main message area below the summary list of Opolis E-Mails displays the text of the respective Opolis E-Mail you have selected
      • To select a specific Opolis E-Mail click on it in the area between the "Subject" field and the "Sent" field, or select a message by simply pressing the "Up"- or "Down"-key on your keyboard
      • The window above the message field provides you with detailed information related to the message: Next to Subject, the name of the Recpient and the Sender as well as the time the message was sent. Message restrictions, as defined by the Sender, are added below, if applicable
      • When you glide with the mouse over the text elements of a Multi-Recipient message details to each message / text block are actively displayed in the window below the main text field: This is useful, when a message contains text elements of several Opolis Users (e.g. responses; comments) or has been sent and re-sent between two Users several times. By moving the mouse pointer over part of the text information about the Sender, Recipient and time sent of each element of the message will be displayed
      • If there are any attachments to an Opolis E-Mail then attachment icons will be found in the left botton corner: From there these attachments can be retrieveed via a double-click on the respective icon (options: Open or Save and Open)