Defining the Maturity of Messages


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    • Upon sending an Opolis E-Mail the Sender can define and fix a time period (time window) during which the Opolis E-Mail is "existent" and visible for the Recipient and can also be further processed
    • Prior to the starting point of the validity ("From" date) the Opolis E-Mail will not be visible for the Recipient. After expiring ("To" date) of the Opolis E-Mail only the Subject will be displayed to the Recipient, whilst only the Sender of the message has still full access to the content o the Opolis E-Mail
    • When writing a new Opolis E-Mail to which you want to attach a time validity, then you find in the New Message window on the right side a small calendar item which you just click on
    • The self-explanatory Calendar window opens and offers you the opportunity to limit the maturity of an Opolis E-Mail
    • If you set a future valid "From" date, the Recipient will not see the message and will not be notified until the starting date is reached
    • If you set a future valid "To" date, the Recipient will only see the Subject of the Opolis E-Mail upon expiry
    • If you want to set an infinite maturity click on the "Infitiy" symbol