Re-Sending Messages


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    • An already sent Opolis E-Mail can be re-sent to the original or another Recipient at a later point in time; de facto re-sending of an Opolis E-Mail is a forward of an already sent message. Such a re-sent message will be treated like a new Opolis E-Mail, except that the Sender does not have to type the message text again
    • An Opolis E-Mail can be sent again either to the original Recipient(s) of the message or to any other Opolis User(s). In the latter case - an Opolis E-Mail is sent to (a) new Addressee(s) other than the original Recipient(s) -, the original Recipient(s) will not receive any information that this Opolis E-Mail was re-sent
    • To re-send a message select an already sent Opolis E-Mail - i.e. Message Type: Sent - from the Main Post Office or a Smart Mailbox and click the Re-Send button. This automatically opens the Re-Send Message window, with all the original Recipients already included and the current message text added. If you wanted to re-send an Opolis E-Mail to a third party Opolis User, then just delete all the original Recipients of the message and add such to which to message shall now be forwarded
      • PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the authenticity of any message (and to protect the Senders rights) in re-sending an Opolis E-Mail you are not allowed to modify any content from any previous written text. To comment (all or any part of) the previous text just press the "Enter" key on the keyboard anywhere within the message to insert your remarks. Of course you can freely edit your own newly written text