Setting Options, Preferences


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    You can calibrate various features and the appearance of Opolis on your PC by setting options
    • Setting Options and Preferences is done by moving your mouse on the toolbar choosing Tools and then Options. There you can select and set your preferred options
    • All settings selected will be saved on the Opolis Mail Servers and are loaded during opening and booting the Opolis Mail Client software. So you will find an identical setup for Opolis wherever you run it, even if this were on different Operating Systems or via access from remote


    • Set or adapt the design and appearance of Opolis, such as font styles and sizes as well as various color settings:
      • Message Font and Message Font Size
      • Print Font and Print Font Size: The chosen print font and print font size will be displayed on both, the print outs as well as the Message View window
      • Colors for: Window Background; Message Background; Message Text Color; List Color; List Color (selected; inactive); List Color (selected; active); List Text Color. To change any of the colors left click within the coloured fields and select the preferred color in the window opening up


    • Set the size of the Post Office and the Message window
    • Set the time to lock the Opolis Mail Client software
    • Set the CryptoCache size. Usefull value are between 0 and 1.000 entries. Larger values will translate into longer startup times of the Opolis Client Software, but faster operational behavior on already read messages
    • Set the time when Opolis should automatically look out (even in den background or when locked) for new messages
    • Show always the SelfStorage Drop window on the Desktop
    • Setting the Instant Legacy Mail Notification will instantly submit an automatically generated message to the personal E-Mail address of the Opolis User that a new Opolis E-Mail has arrived
    • Set the language you want to work in and with Opolis
      • PLEASE NOTE: You have to restart the Client to activate a different language


    • Set the default maximum number of messages which should be loaded from the server, when you click on the Get Messages button. You can select a different number, when you right click on the Get Messages button
    • Define the behaviour of your personal Dynamic Address Book: The Dynamic Address Book will be automatically built upon a defined number of previously sent or received Opolis E-Mails from or to a defined number of Opolis Counterparts you communicate with. Furthermore you can define the maximum number of entries in your Dynamic Address Book
    • What should happen when you decide to click on the icon of an attachment, whereby following alternatives are available:
      • Open the related application and show the attachment data (the attachment will be saved temporary and will be automatically removed from the harddisk when you close the Opolis Mail Client)
      • The Opolis Mail Client asks if the attachment should be saved - if you agree the file selector opens so that you can define a storage location. Afterwards the Attachment will be opend in the related Application
      • The file selector opens so that you can define a storage location, afterwards the attachment will be opend in the related application
    • Auto-Load Message Subjects during startup of the Opolis Mail Client. Defines if and what type of Opolis E-Mails should be automatically loaded and showing in the Opolis Post Office after launching the Opolis Mail Client
    • Pictures: enables or disables the Picture Viewer of your Counterparts in the Opolis Post Office


    • Allowing "unsecure" server connections option may be necessary if your PC is located "behind" an inverse Proxy Server or if you use a Firewall Software which changes the IP Address of the Opolis Servers during transmission


    • Enables or disables various sounds of the Opolis Mail Client


    • Reset all Preferences: Removes all your currently saved Preferences on the Opolis servers
      • PLEASE NOTE: Your Data, your Topics and your Smart Mailboxes will not be destroyed and your Language Settings will not be changed
    • Reset the CryptoCache: Removes your currently saved CryptoCache Data from the Opolis Servers. This option has no negative side effects