Changing Your Mail Rules

If your server is configured to support server-side mail rules, you can create mail rules to filter or transfer mail. For example, if you subscribe to mailing lists, you can have emails from them transfer into their own mail folder. You'll still receive mailing list messages, but they won't clutter your inbox.

To view mail rules:

  1. While viewing My Page, click "settings."

  2. Select Mail Rules.

To add mail rules:

  1. While viewing mail rules settings, use the If pop-up menus to choose criteria for transferring or filtering received emails.

  2. Choose a destination for the email from the "Transfer Email to" pop-up menu.

  3. Click Add New Rule.

  4. Click Save.

To delete mail rules:

  1. While viewing mail rules settings, click Delete next to rules you want to delete.

    If no rules are shown, you don't have mail rules.

  2. Click Save.


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