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    • Provide the details of one of your active and valid personal E-Mail accounts and fill it into the field E-Mail Address. This E-Mail Address will ensure that you – as a User – actually exist and it therefore serves as a means of identification for Opolis and other Opolis Users
      • PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, Opolis will not accept E-Mail accounts from free mail service providers, such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail
      • PLEASE NOTE: It is essential that the details of your personal E-Mail account you are asked to submit are current and valid. This is important, because a password code – the Setup Password - will be sent to this E-Mail account later in the course of this Setup Procedure
    • Press the Sign Up button which will match your personal Opolis Log In Name with the provided E-Mail Address under the condition that neither does yet exist on the Opolis platform
    • Finally, verify the details of your active and valid personal E-Mail account and continue

    • A GENERAL NOTE: The fact that you submit a personal E-Mail address will have no what-so-ever impact on this E-mail address. Opolis is a seperate service, different from your standard E-Mail application. Therefore no E-mails to your personal E-Mail address will in any way be effected or even transferred to Opolis. The only reason why we need an E-Mail address is for identification purposes and to send the Setup Password there