How do I send Opolis E-Mails?


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    • You just press the New Message button upon which a New Message window opens automatically. The minimum you need to fill in before sending a message is Subject, name of the Recipient, and some text in the main text field.
    • You can attach any files to an Opolis E-Mail by either pressing the Attachments button or dropping a file right into the main text field.
    • In addition you can also decide what the Recipient of the message will actually be allowed to do with it by adding or removing tickers next to Copy, Print, Forward and Reply. The small date icon on the right side allows you to determine when an Opolis E-Mail shall become availabe by the Recipient and / or how long such message may be valid.
    • GENERAL NOTE: When you have just started using Opolis, then - of course - you may want to communicate with other individuals via Opolis. But, to communicate with them, they also need to be Opolis Users. - Now, you can search for other Opolis Users in the Public Address Book (please also see: How do I look for other Opolis Users ...) or invite individuals to become (new) Opolis Users (please also see: How do I invite new Users to Opolis?)