What happens if I forget my personal Opolis Password?


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  • Please note that in the case you have forgotten your personal Opolis Password you will not be able to access Opolis and your Opolis E-Mails any more. The provider of Opolis will not be in a position to re-set your Opolis Password or assist you in recovering your messages and documents. - This is necessary to ensure the absolute confidentiality of your Opolis E-Mails and attached documents which also the service provider of Opolis cannot decrypt, interpret or read.
  • However, Opolis does have a feature that you will be in a position to re-use your Opolis E-Mail Account. Despite access to your "old" Opolis E-Mails will be lost, you will be able to work with your Opolis "identity" going forward and send and receive Opolis E-Mails. For this feature please see: I have lost my Password - get me my Account back