Opolis News & Updates: 64


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    10.06.15: OSM-Client [not published yet]

    Bug fix Mac/Win

    • Retrieve Message(s): Status information updated after no Message was retriebed (Recipient has Message to retrieve already seen)
    • Get Message(s): Currently shown Message Text of selected Message is removed when a "Get Messages" command is issued and selection (in Subject View) is removed
    10.06.11: OSM-Client [not published yet]

    GUI change Mac/Win:
    • Window Menu: "Issue an Opolis invitation ..." has been moved from Menu:Tools to Menu:Invitation

    10.06.09: OSM-Client []

    new Feature: Mac/Win:

    • "Get me my Account back": Opolis as a Service Provider is unable to restore or reset any lost User Password, as the actual typed in Password is never sent to any Opolis Server to ensure absolute security for our Users. Hence a User with a lost password is unable to
      • Log In the current Opolis Account
      • Change the Password
      • Create a new Opolis Account with the same personal E-Mail Address and/or User Name
    • The "Get me my Account back"-function enables Users to get their Opolis identity back and re-use their User Name and E-Mail Address.
    • Further description can be found in the FAQs

    10.06.04: OSM-Client []

    Open Issue: 10.06.02 - closed: 10.06.04: fixed
    • Opolis Client Application is not able to start up properly when the Operating System is set to use simplified Chinese and uses GB2312 encoding

    10.06.01: OSM-Client []

    GUI change Mac/Win:
    • Log In Window: after an "Application lock" Opolis will now allow any change of Username in the Log In Window
    • Menu:Options/Preferences:Behaviour:Auto-Load Messages on Startup:Auto-Load Subjects on Startup: default setting changed from 'Inbound' to 'All'
    • Initial Log In Procedure: more descriptive Error Message after a connection failure with iTrust Server
    • Initial Log In Procedure: more descriptive Error Message after a connection failure with OSMinit Server

    10.05.02: OSM-Client []

    new Feature: Mac/Win:
    • Instant legacy Mail Notification: Menu:Options/Preferences:Features: "instant legacy mail notification": after selecting this option you will receive a one-time "near real time" notification mail of any new Opolis Message (to your legacy E-Mail Account).

    10.04.30: OSM Update service

    Bug fix Mac/Win:
    • The procedure to check for new releases of the Opolis Client Application detects and handles different time zones correctly

    10.04.30: OSM-Client []

    Bug fix Mac/Win:
    • PostOffice Window: Subject List: stepping through messages with the Cursor up/down Keys is only active if no other Client/Server-Communication takes places (before: the selected Subject and the actual shown Message could get "out of sync" when the Internet speed is too slow or typing happened too fast)

    10.04.26: OSM-Client

    GUI change: Mac/Win - new Feature Mac/Win:
    • Russian translation enabled: To access the Russian translation please select Options (Preferences) in the Menu Bar, click on "Features" and select the desired language. Please note that changes will take effect only after a restart of the Application.

    10.04.24: OSM-Client []

    Bug fix Mac/Win:
    • Stack information included after unhandled exception Error (which makes it much more easier for us to detect some specific errors, after users sent their Log files)
    10.04.21: OSM-Client []
    GUI change: Mac/Win:
    • Edit Account Information Window: when leaving the "more Information" Tab, the "Picture Tab" only opens automatically if no Picture was inserted before (and not every time)
    Bug fix: Win:
    • User Statistics Window: while closing the User Statistics Window a new server request was triggered, which was not handled correctly (as the Window was not open anymore)
    Bug fix: Mac/Win:
    • After the first Log in following the creation of a new Opolis Account some Users noticed a crash during, or immediately after, the automatically opening of the "Edit Account Information Window".

    10.04.15: OSM-Client []

    new Feature: Mac/Win:
    • Log Window: before saving a log file, the Log Status will switch to "Debug"

    GUI change: Mac/Win:
    • Message Window: Recipient Picture: light grey border/background color on scaled picture (instead of black)
    Bug fix: Win:
    • Log Window: when saving a log file, the file selector shows the correct file extension
    • Message Text Editor: Key sequence: CTRL+Return is blocked

    10.04.12: OSM-Client []

    GUI change: Mac/Win:
    • Edit Account Info Window: Import Picture: light grey border/background color on scaled pictures (instead of black)
    • Account Info Window: Show Picture: light grey border/background color on scaled pictures (instead of black)
    Bug fix: Win:
    • Message Text Editor: Key sequence: Shift+Return is blocked

    10.04.01: OSM-Client []

    new Feature: Mac/Win:
    • "Find" searches not only in Subject and Message Text, but also in File Name of Attachment
    Bug fix: Mac/Win:
    • after a non successfully "Find" the currently shown Message Text is removed in the PostOffice Window
    10.03.27: OSM-Client []

    Bug fix - Win:
    • Message Text Editor: no more "beep" after key sequence: CTRL+Arrow left and CTRL+Arrow right