Writing and Sending Messages - Introduction


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    • Press the New Message button and the New Message Window opens automatically
    • Before sending an Opolis E-Mail you must fill in – as a minimum: Subject; name of the Recipient (another Opolis User); and a (short) text into the main message area
    • Opolis E-Mails can be sent to as many registered Opolis Users as required by entering the name(s) of the Recipient(s) into the box Name. This is done as follows:
      • Click the field Address Book at the top of the New Message window. The Opolis Public Address Book window opens automatically which is already filled with such Opolis Users you have previously been in contact with. You select names just by clicking on them and each name which will be automatically transfered and filled into the Name box (represented by the field "To") with the Type automatically set on "To"
      • Alternatively, you can also directly enter (even part of) the Recipient's name in the box Name of the New Message window, whereby a list of name proposals will automatically be proposed below, directly derived from your Opolis Public Address Book
      • Below the box Type you can choose whether the selected name is the direct and principle recipient of the respective Opolis E-Mail (via "To") or whether the selected name shall just be copied to the Opolis E-Mail (via "Cc" or "Bcc")

    Sending your first Opolis E-Mail

    • When using Opolis the first time, your Public Address Book will only be filled with 2 Accounts: Your own name and Opolis E-Mail Address and the Opolis E-Mail Address from Opolis Support, however:
      • You can immediately search for other Opolis Users, send messages to them and add them to your Public Address Book (also see: Public Address Book)
      • Further, you can also invite individuals who are not yet Opolis Users and with whom you want to communicate with via Opolis (also see: Inviting New Users to Opolis)

    Additional Features

    • Should you have several Opolis E-Mail Accounts then you can choose from which account you want to send your Opolis E-Mail in the selection field right next to the field Subject
    • Files which shall be attached to an Opolis E-Mail can be selected and subsequently uploaded via the Attachments button on the top left. However, you can also just drag the icon of the selected file into the New Message Window and it will be attached to the Opolis E-Mail automatically
    • You send an Opolis E-Mail by pressing the Send button

    • PLEASE NOTE: With the current version of Opolis you will not (yet) have the opportunity to combine several Opolis Users to a group and then send a message to this group. Such a feature will be introduced in a later version and is due to the sophisticated architecture of Opolis to guarantee a highest level of safety and security
    • PLEASE NOTE: As Opolis processes sent Opolis E-Mails in sequence - due to security reasons -, you will not be able to send two or more Opolis E-Mails at the same time, but only one after the other. However, this may only pose an issue, if there are larger attachments to your Opolis E-Mail which may take some time to submit. Of course, you can always and in the meantime - while an Opolis E-Mail is being sent - write new or respond to several Opolis E-Mails; however, you will be asked to send them subsequently in a sequence