Sending Messages with a Topic


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    • You can also send an Opolis E-Mail to a Recipient marked with a Self-Defined Topic. This is in particular useful, as any response or other transaction related to such message will also have automatically the selected Topic attached to it, which makes organising Opolis E-Mails so efficient
    • This can be effected by right-clicking on the main text field in the New Message window and selecting the pre-defined Topic which is already displayed in the window which opens automatically. Of course you can also just click on Topics and then newly define a Topic as required
      • PLEASE NOTE: Should you decide to attach a Topic to a sent Opolis E-Mail at a later point in time, then you can of course do so. You just select the respective message in the summary list of Opolis E-Mails and have a Topic attached. However, responses to sent Opolis E-Mails will only have automatically the selected Topic attached if this was done so prior to the Recipient opening the respective message