Writing and Sending Messages – I Decide


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    The sender of an Opolis E-Mail is empowered to protect and control all sent messages. The Opolis "I Decide" features are listed above the main text field in the New Message window and comprise: Copy; Print; Forward; and Reply

    • The Opolis "I Decide" features empower the Sender to decide, whether the Recipient of an Opolis E-Mail is actually allowed to:
      • Copy any text out of the main text field of an Opolis E-Mail;
      • Print an Opolis E-Mail;
      • Forward an Opolis E-Mail to another Opolis User; or
      • Reply to an Opolis E-Mail
    • When opening a New Message window, all these four "I Decide" features can selected with a ticker, so that the Recipient is allowed to copy, print, forward and reply to an Opolis E-Mail. In the standard setup, all features are allowed which is displayed with a ticker in each of the respective ticker boxes. – Clicking on one (or several) of these items will remove the ticker and – hence - forbid the Recipient to either to copy, print, forward or reply to an Opolis E-Mail
    • The Sender can also define the maturity of an Opolis E-Mail, that means from when and for how long it is available for the Recipient. For details please refer to the section: Defining the Maturity of Messages
    • If an Opolis E-Mail was - for example - sent accidentally, then the Sender has the opportunity to retrieve (i.e. pull back) this message as long as the Recipient has not opened it. For details please refer to the section: Retrieving Messages
    • Therefore, the Sender will always have the authority and full ownership over the content of an Opolis E-Mail message
    • As described in more detail in the section Tracking Messages – I Control, you will find a brief outline of how the Sender of an Opolis E-Mail can actually monitor and track it. This is especially relevant, when the Sender has allowed the Recipient to print or forward an Opolis E-Mail. Attachments to Opolis E-Mails can be monitored and tracked separately as well.